A recent trend in the automobile service and repair business has been to promote shops as being “female friendly” in hopes of attracting and retaining women as loyal customers.  It turns out that 52% of the auto repair market is women, and shop owners may need a certain amount of appeal to keep them coming back for more, but what triggered all of the hype?  Some shop owners are even spending money to be “Certified Female Friendly.”

Do women really want to see “Certified Female Friendly” stickers in a shop’s window? It’s likely that most just want a friendly smile and a “What can I do for you today?” When this is followed by expertise, professionalism, honesty, and maybe even some advice for preventive maintenance, a repair shop can create a customer for life. This is true not just for women, but it’s really the same thing ALL customers want, regardless of gender.

At UpTown Auto, we recognize that all of our customers want high quality automotive service and repair at a fair price. We aren’t interested in the latest gimmick to draw and retain customers; we strive to offer the same great service to every customer who walks through our door.