Dear Loyal UpTown Auto Customers, I wanted to personally reach out and let you know that we are taking preventative measures to help stop the spread of this virus. We have enhanced our daily cleaning and are paying special attention to disinfecting door handles, counter tops, desks, bathroom and customer and employee areas. Hand sanitizer […]

Let’s talk diagnostics

Do you ever wonder why auto repair shops charge a diagnostic fee to tell you what’s wrong with your car? Why should you be paying a mechanic just to figure out what’s wrong? Shouldn’t you only get a bill for repairs? The simple answer is that we have to charge for diagnostics if we want to stay […]

Is UpTown Auto a “female friendly” shop?

A recent trend in the automobile service and repair business has been to promote shops as being “female friendly” in hopes of attracting and retaining women as loyal customers.  It turns out that 52% of the auto repair market is women, and shop owners may need a certain amount of appeal to keep them coming […]

How many keys are too many?

Has anyone ever told you that putting too many keys (or other items) on your key ring can damage your car’s ignition? While most of us only have a few keys we need to carry on a daily basis (i.e., car key, house key, mailbox key), many people use their key rings to carry unnecessary […]

How do I know if I can trust my mechanic?

There are some professions that have a reputation for taking advantage of their clients or customers. Typically, these tend to be professions where the general layman can’t accomplish the task or job himself. By this measure, auto mechanics would make the list of professionals who could take advantage of their customers’ lack of knowledge about […]

Can I drive with a check engine light on?

What Does a “Check Engine” Light Mean? Nearly every day here at UpTown, we receive a phone call from a customer who has a “Check Engine” light illuminated. These customers typically fall into several categories: The ones who have been driving around like that for some time (sometimes years), those who have taken the car […]