Amber Warning Lights

Check Engine/Service Engine Soon

The light you are most likely to see. Basically emissions control fault.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If this light is blinking you need service immediately!

What causes it

There are hundres of codes that can cause this light. No simple answer here.

What if I ignore it

Your engines computer will make adjustments to keep your car running until it can be fixed. Possibly with reduced performance.

Check your gas cap. Make sure it clicks tight.

Anti-Lock brake warning.

Anti-lock brakes are for skid control. The system that monitors skidding is deactivated.

What causes it

Possibly a loose wheel bearing or wheel speed sensor failure. The control module also could be at fault.

What if I ignore it

A wheel bearing failure could cause an accident. Have the system inspected ASAP.

Use caution when driving on wet or slippery roads. Be aware of unusual noises.

General Warning Light.

This light may be accompanied by other warning lights.

What causes it

Anything from an open door to an abnormally reading gauge on the instrument panel.

What if I ignore it

Various problems depending on what other warnings you are seeing.

Check your gauges and pay attention to any other lights or warnings that are on.

Tire Pressure warning system.

The tire pressure warning system monitors the air pressure in your tires

What causes it

Low tire pressure or a failed tire pressure sensor.

What if I ignore it

You run the risk of having a flat tire or ruining a good tire by driving it with too low of tire pressure.

Check your tire pressures, including the spare tire if it is easily accessible. Tires can generally be set to 35 psi.

Bulb out warning

This light comes on when one or more of the exterior lights are out.

What causes it

The front and rear exterior lights are there to help you see and so other drivers can see you.

What if I ignore it

Reduced safety and possibly a conversation with a local police officer.

Check all the exterior lights, paying secial attention to headlights, brake lights and turn signals.

Window Defroster

When the rear window defroster is activated this light turns on.

What causes it

Typically activated by a switch on the dash.

What if I ignore it

The light should turn off when the window has cleared. If it stays on when the car is turned off the battery may drain.

Turn off the switch on the dash if the window is sufficiently cleared.

Cruise Control

Your vehicles cruise control system has been activated.

What causes it

The cruise control is activated by a button on the dash or steering column.

What if I ignore it

The cruise control will be automatically deactivated when you step on the brake pedal.

Cruise and relax, or not.

Powertrain Warning

Like the service engine light, this light warns of a problem in the drivetrain.

What causes it

Sensor or component failure in the transmission, transfercase or differential.

What if I ignore it

Reduced performance and possibly component failure.

Drive carefully and have it checked out ASAP.

Traction control warning

Traction control has been activated in vehicles that have this feature.

What causes it

A problem has occurred on vehicles that help you maintain traction and stability. Often in conjunction with Anti-Lock brakes.

What if I ignore it

Your vehicle may respond differently in low traction or slippery conditions.

Drive carefully on wet or slippery roads and have it checked out ASAP

Electronic Throttle Control

A fault has occurred in modern vehicles where a throttle cable is no longer used.

What causes it

The electronic throttle control system has detected a fault.

What if I ignore it

You may not be able to ignore this. If the throttle control system is down the car will run but may not drive.

Stop the vehicle in the safest place possible. Drive carefully if possible to a place where the vehicle can be parked and towed. Sometimes simply restarting the engine will reset this light.

Overdrive is off

The overdrive function on an automatic transmission vehicle has been turned off.

What causes it

On some automatic transmission vehicles the overdrive function can be deactivated by a switch on the dash, steering column or shifter.

What if I ignore it

Reduced gas mileage when cruising on the highway.

Locate the on/off switch and cycle it to the desired position. It is advisable to turn off the overdrive when towing with your vehicle when going up and down hills.

Low Fuel Warning

The fuel level is low.

What causes it

You know this one.

What if I ignore it

Get a pair of comfortable walking shoes ready.

Go get some gas! It is not advisable to drive extensively with this light on. Damage to the fuel pump could occur.